The Herbcrafter's Tarot

The Herbcrafter's Tarot

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The Herbcrafter's Tarot Paperback – June 15, 2019

by Latisha Guthrie (Author), Joanna Powell Colbert (Illustrator)

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot celebrates the handicrafts, tools, and time-honored folk skills related to herbs, trees, flowers and other plants that share their gifts with us. This deck and book set explores the relationship between herbs and how people use them for medicine, creativity, ritual, and spiritual guidance. It also considers herbs as archetypes and explores our partnership with the botanical realm. Herbcrafter’s Tarot is an engaging introduction to herbalism and plant spirit magic, and can be used as a profound divinatory tool.

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  • Paperback

  • Publisher: U.S. Games Systems (June 15, 2019)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1572819723

  • ISBN-13: 9781572819726

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What Customers Are Saying About The Herbcrafter’s Tarot

I received an advance copy from the artist. This deck is one that is very close to my heart. My very first deck was the Herbal Tarot (also by USGames.) I've watched this deck's creation along the way. My opinion of it has not wavered one bit since seeing the very first card. It is going to be a classic. First, the artwork is so realistic I feel as if I could pick up a cup of healing tea right from the card. Each herb is lovingly rendered--most of them in how they are used so I don't have to try to identify the herbs (that's not my forte.) I am shown garlic in the Strenght card. I get Damiana in its herbal form next to a tiny glass of the golden liquer I know. Even the cards that don't show me anything but the plants plainly speak to me. Hemlock (the Emperor) is depicted in a rigid square that yields to nothing. Alfalfa (Ten of Air) is everywhere with a scythe waiting to mow it down. The court cards are a nod to the writer's own heritage with Hija (daughter), Adelita (warrior), Madre (mother), and Curandera (Healer) as Page, Knight, Queen, King. Each shows the hands of the figure and nothing else. It keeps the focus on the herbs. The hands are of varying skin tones which makes my diversity-craving heart sing. With so many herbs available to be chosen, Colbert and Guthrie found 78 to use. I was pleased to see some unknown herbs make an appearance like Chaparral aka Greasewood (correctly called Creosote in this deck.) Now to the writing! Guthrie is a long-time blogger (theherbmother) who has a lyrical voice. Sometimes I felt as if I were reading poetry or snippets of her intimate thoughts journal. She nails the descriptions by drilling down to what you need to know about each one. Then she skillfully weaves that plant into the meaning of the card. There is a fresh look at some cards so be prepared to be open to interpretations here. Again, I was lucky enough to see some of her writing early on. She is going to be a writer to watch. A clear, authentic tone with an obvious love for the green allies. I will most likely need another deck because I plan to wear this one out. As to that though, USGames has given this deck a matte finish on a good cardstock so this deck will last. And? It is in a hard box with a substantial size book (no LWB here, y'all.) Trust me, once this deck is in your hands, it will soon be in your heart as well. I predict (grin) that this deck will be a keeper! Seek joy, y'all. Pass it on.

— Arwen, the Professional Joy Seeker